Deep Flight Productions is a live performance and film production company created by Margaret Curry, born out of a desire to collaborate deeply and bravely. Deep Flight seeks to create stories that entertain, elicit and evoke, that will give space and voice to the people who've either not been able to tell their story because they've been oppressed or overlooked or because no one has yet considered it "marketable" or "worthy" of what is "popular" entertainment. Stories that explore and ask questions around things that society tends to deem as taboo, inconvenient or "hard to look at," to bring the elephants in the rooms out of the shadows and into the light, so that understanding and potential movement can occur. Works that explore and celebrate the human spirit and love, that reveal the stories of how people rise above the problems of life and the human condition to make change and follow their hearts. Stories that reveal the beauty and the heroism in the seemingly ordinary moments and people in life. The underdog, the ordinary, unsung heroes; the quiet, small moments that can sometimes hold a lifetime. To explore, to dig deep, to go to the difficult places, to find the life that wants to break through the cracks.  

MC Legit Headshot Smaller     Margaret Curry - Producer/Owner